The territory

The territory of the Murlo borough practically reproduces what was in the past centuries the “Bishop’s land of Murlo”. It consists of two main centres, Vescovado and Casciano, and of numerous smaller villages such as Castello di Murlo, Miniere di Murlo, Lupompesi, Montepescini, La Befa, to mention some of them, most with visible traces of their long history.

No remarkable change has taken place over 700 years, and the area has a look of ancient times to the eyes of visitors, preserving innumerable traces of the civilisations who inhabited the territory over the centuries. The numerous tracks and roads crossing the area still maintain their primeval importance, being the only way to reach secluted places of remarkable historical, artistic and naturalistic importance.


The vegetation is influenced by exposure and by the lytologic substratum, as well as by the climate. 60% of the surface is covered by woods, mainly oaks, holm-oaks, Turkey oaks and, less frequent flowerishing ashes, cornel trees, black horn-beam and other mesophyte species. Reforestation with maritime pines, now typical of the area, have became quite frequent. Cork plantation, no longer exploted by men, are now sporadic. On the rocks faces garrigue is abundant, as well as other evergreen Mediterranean scrub such as heather and juniper.